Armed Robbers Caught Mid-Heist After Thief Steals Getaway Car


In public replies to their statement, Commerce City police went on to say, “we can’t make this stuff up.” Of course, police can (and often do) make plenty of stuff up, but this case of three armed robbers themselves getting robbed seems like some straightforward schadenfreude.

It’s unclear if this is a case of a getaway driver seeing an opportunity to steal a stolen car and cut out his fellow robbers, or if someone just happened to be passing by during the robbery and saw an opening. It’s possible the three masked gunmen may have left the getaway car idling, perhaps planning to get away quickly after cleaning out the Hi Lo. Maybe they left the door ajar or even wide open — an enticing proposition for any entrepreneurial car thief.

Photo: Commerce City Police Department

Good work, Patrol.


Police in Colorado arrested two out of a trio of masked robbers this weekend who allegedly held up a business at gunpoint after the thieves themselves became victims of a crime—getaway car theft.

While three armed robbers were conducting the heist of a Hi Lo Check Cashing on Saturday morning in Commerce City, Colorado, a fourth suspect swooped in and stole their getaway car, according to Business Insider. The surprise car robbery ended up trapping the armed robbers at the scene of the crime, and police managed to capture two of the three robbery suspects. Per the Commerce City Police Department:

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The investigation is ongoing. We are relieved no one was injured…

UPDATE: In an unexpected and ironic twist… as the trio was robbing the business…a fourth criminal stole their getaway vehicle… which may have already been stolen. We don’t know. If we get a solid description of it, we will release that here.