Car Chase Over Bag Of Weed On 4/20 Ends With A Flipped Car And A Warning Shot


Car Chase Over Bag Of Weed On 4/20 Ends With A Flipped Car And A Warning Shot

In what might be the most Detroit crime story ever, a car chase between two civilians on April 20 through neighborhood streets over a bag of weed ended when one of the cars flipped over after hitting a pile of garbage. A physical fight over a bag of weed and a warning shot later, and you’ve got yourself one very not-chill 4/20.

Once again, Detroit’s television reporters prove to be both hilarious and professional with their subjects:

“It’s a 4/20 story like you’ve never seen before,” Fox 2 News reporter Jessica Dupnack said. “A love triangle; a man, a woman, and their bag of weed. It all starts with a car chase. She was chasing him — mostly that bag of weed, though.”

Move over Tim Pamplin; I might have a new favorite reporter in the city.

The crash occurred on the city’s west side near the Linwood neighborhood, appropriately on 4/20, an unofficial weed holiday. A woman chased after a man at high speeds down a narrow neighborhood street, causing her male quarry to flip his vehicle after hitting a pile of trash, Fox 2 News reports. The woman then confronted the man who’d just crawled out of his upside-down car.

“Give me my bag! Give me my mother fucking bag,” she can be heard demanding in the video. The two then fought over the bag until the male driver fired a warning shot into the ground.

After that, onlookers and participants backed off. The man ran off, leaving his flipped vehicle at the scene, while the woman drove off in her still-operational vehicle. No word on who ended up with the bag, and Detroit police are still looking for both suspects.

Seems like it should be pretty easy to pick up these two, considering all the footage and a whole car left at the scene. Maybe Detroit cops are too busy announcing what cars are weak-ass rebuilt titles at sideshows around town.