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  • Formula DRIFT Is Back


    Formula DRIFT Is Back

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    Formula DRIFT is back, baby, kicking off another year of sliding in Long Beach, California. The rules have changed (a little), the cars spent the offseason getting tested and tuned, and everything’s shaping up for a great year of drifting. Except that damn rain.

    If you missed Formula DRIFT’s first round, never fear — despite the format changes, the good stuff is still available for you to see on YouTube. Now, a few days out from the original stream, the folks at FD have compiled the first Top 16 action video of the season. Get caught up here.

    Formula DRIFT Long Beach Top 16 – ALL ACTION

    Sure, the rain may have sullied things a bit, but a day of drifting is still better than one without. This year’s Long Beach even brought us another James Deane round victory, something the series has lacked for some time now. Sure, he’s always a safe bet to do well, but you can just never get mad at him for it.

    Unfortunately for Deane, despite all that skill, he’s still stuck in the worst livery of the 2024 RTR lineup. Silver is just so boring, especially when compared with Vaughn’s geometric graphics or newcomer Ben Hobson’s black-yellow-purple style. James Deane just deserves better.

    Still, boring paint wasn’t enough to stop him from clinching the win in Long Beach. Will the Deane dominance continue into Road Atlanta, or will someone else take the crown? Is it time for Odi to move back up the podium?

  • BMW X3 2025، Saleen 302 Mustang 2024: اخبار خودرو امروز

    ب ام و تنها چند هفته از رونمایی از نسل چهارم بازطراحی شده X3 خود فاصله دارد. کراس اوور کامپکت جدید بر روی نسخه به روز شده پلت فرم سلف خود سوار خواهد شد و همچنان موتورهای گازسوز زیر کاپوت آن وجود خواهد داشت. نسخه الکتریکی جداگانه ای که احتمالا iX3 نامیده می شود، بر اساس پلت فرم Neue Klasse EV BMW عرضه می شود.

    302 موستانگ بازطراحی شده سالین بر اساس نسل هفتم موستانگ رونمایی شد. مانند نسل قبلی، خریداران می توانند از گریدهای White، Yellow و Black Label با سطوح خروجی از 510 تا 800 اسب بخار انتخاب کنند.

    آئودی سدان سایز متوسط ​​برقی A6 E-Tron را امسال عرضه خواهد کرد و هر دو نسخه عملکردی S6 و RS 6 برنامه ریزی شده اند. یک نمونه اولیه برای RS 6 E-Tron برای اولین بار مشاهده شد که جزئیاتی مانند مسیر عریض تر و نمای های جلو و عقب منحصر به فرد را آشکار می کند.

    این داستان‌ها و موارد دیگر را در اخبار خودرو امروز، در اینجا در Motor Authority خواهید دید.

    بی ام و X3 2025 هفته ها تا عرضه باقی مانده است

    سلین از 302 جدید بر اساس فورد موستانگ 2024 رونمایی کرد

    آئودی RS 6 E-Tron 2026 برای اولین بار جاسوسی شد

    نقد و بررسی: فورد ماوریک 2024 به بزرگسالی کمک می کند

    نسخه جدید فورد موستانگ در سال 2025 وارد بازار می شود

    بررسی: تویوتا کمری هیبریدی 2025 با پس زمینه ترکیب می شود

    یک GMC Terrain بازطراحی شده در سال جاری عرضه می شود

    نقد و بررسی: هیوندای سانتا کروز 2024

    فورد موستانگ GTD 2025 حدود 325000 دلار هزینه دارد، برنامه های کاربردی برای سفارش باز هستند

    فراخوان تویوتا پریوس 2023-2024 توصیه هایی برای قفل کردن درها دارد

  • Save $40 on a best-selling DeWalt portable tire inflator with this Amazon deal

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    Whether you drive a sedan or a pickup, gas or electric, we all need air in our tires. Although many of us tend to go a little longer than we should between air pressure checkups, the best practice is to check your tire pressure at least once a month, if not once a week. If you find that your tires are looking a little low then it’s important to fill them up until they reach their optimal pressure. Not only can it help you improve your gas mileage by up to 3%, but according to Tire Rack, “if a vehicle’s tires are under-inflated by only 6 psi … the tire’s tread life could be reduced by as much as 25%.” That’s potentially a whole lot of money you don’t want to be leaving on the table!

    While there will likely always be air compressors available at your local gas station to top your tires off with, keeping a portable air compressor in your garage or trunk can be an even more convenient way to make sure your tires stay filled to the appropriate amount. Right now, Amazon has a solid 20% off deal on this DeWalt 20V MAX tire inflator, which just happens to be the number 1 best-selling portable air compressor on the site. If you’re guilty of going a little too long between pressure check-ups then it might be worth checking out the deal right here, or you can learn a bit more about the inflator just below.

    Save $40 on a best-selling DeWalt portable tire inflator with this Amazon deal

    $109.99 at Amazon

    The DeWalt 20V MAX tire inflator comes with all the trimmings you’d expect of a modern portable air compressor. You can expect to find a digital screen with a digital gauge for setting your desired pressure, a built-in LED light for working in the dark, an automatic shut-off feature and a threaded chuck “for secure connection to (the) inflation valve.” Where this particular inflator goes above and beyond, though, is in its heavy-duty construction and versatility, something we’ve come to expect from a brand like DeWalt. The compressor has three potential power sources that can be used: 12V DC, 110V AC, or a DeWalt 20V MAX battery. But, it’s important to note that if you’re dead-set on using AC power, you’ll need an adapter which is only sold separately, but if you’re interested you can find one right here.

    It’s got rubber feet to help it stay in place while in use and not only can it pump up your tires, it’s also got a high-volume inflation and deflation mode, so you can use it for things like camping mattresses, water floats, sports equipment and more. It also comes with a few accessories to help with the non-tire jobs which all slot into a pretty handy organizational pane on the side of the device, making it easy to keep all of your stuff in one place. If you want even more protection against your stuff getting separated, though, DeWalt offers this slick-looking carrying bag for the inflator, sold separately, but 25% off right now. All-in-all, if you’re looking for a popular, versatile air compressor to add to your collection, this one is well worth a look.

    Key features

    • Runs on 12V DC, 110V AC, or DeWalt 20V MAX battery
    • High-volume inflation and deflation modes
    • Digital pressure gauge
    • Automatic shut-off

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  • Watch A Car Briefly Serve As A Plane Before Crashing Into House

    A screenshot of a news report about the California car crash.

    The airborne car jumped a pickup and smashed into the garage.
    Screenshot: NBCLA via YouTube

    Drivers have jumped all kinds of mad stuff in recent months, including one who got airborne jumping over a low-loader on a highway. Now, a driver in California got some serious air and managed to hop over a parked pickup truck before smashing into a garage.

    The driver in Jurupa Valley, which is about 51 miles east of Los Angeles, mounted a manicured lawn before leaping through the air, reports USA Today. The car then hopped over one parked truck, before crashing through a garage door and hitting another truck parked on the driveway. As it smashed through the garage, the car came perilously close to a Ford Mustang parked inside.

    The driver of the smashed car was able to get out in one piece, but they were taken to hospital for checks by local law enforcement. As USA Today explains:

    “The driver of the vehicle was able to self-extricate prior to fire department arrival”, the department said in a statement. “The driver suffered minor to moderate injuries and was transported to a local hospital via ground ambulance for further treatment.”

    Fire services attended the scene at around 6:30 am on April 4, reports USA Today. Officers found “major damage” had been caused to the home, but reported that the driver of the flying car, who has not been identified, was the only person to suffer injuries.

    Car goes airborne, crashes into garage of California home

    The driver of the car was reportedly attempting to make a turn before they mounted the grass. The move was all caught on a Ring doorbell camera in a property opposite the crash site. In the clip, you can also see the devastation left once it’s smashed through the garage door.

    However, charges have not been filed following the incident, reports the Daily Mail. According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s office, the driver experienced a “medical emergency,” which caused the incident and means that no criminal charges have been filed against them

  • یک GMC Terrain بازطراحی شده در سال جاری عرضه می شود

    GMC اواخر سال جاری از یک کراس اوور کامپکت Terrain بازطراحی شده رونمایی خواهد کرد.

    زمان بندی بازار اعلام نشده است اما Terrain جدید احتمالاً به عنوان مدل 2025 در ایالات متحده وارد خواهد شد.

    یک عکس تیزر بخشی از طراحی جدید را نشان می دهد. این به طور خاص نوع ناهموار Terrain AT4 را نشان می دهد که طراحی چراغ جلو و همچنین بخشی از نمای جلو را نشان می دهد.

    Terrain پسر عموی شرکتی شورولت اکینوکس است که برای سال 2025 بازطراحی شد. جدیدترین Equinox تقریباً به اندازه نسل قبلی است، اگرچه مسیر آن 2.5 اینچ گسترده تر و فاصله آن از سطح زمین تقریباً یک اینچ بالاتر است. این احتمال وجود دارد که Terrain جدید نیز همین افزایش ها را داشته باشد.

    شورلت اکینوکس RS 2025

    شورلت اکینوکس RS 2025

    Equinox همچنین دارای یک پیشرانه است، در این مورد یک موتور 1.5 لیتری توربو-4 با قدرت 175 اسب بخار. Terrain فعلی دارای چندین پیشرانه از جمله دیزل است و نسل جدید احتمالاً بیش از یک گزینه پیشرانه نیز خواهد داشت.

    برای فضای داخلی، صفحه نمایش های شناور باید برای خوشه سنج و مرکز اطلاعات سرگرمی، درست مانند Equinox باشد.

    GMC سال شلوغی در پیش دارد. علاوه بر راه‌اندازی Terrain جدید، GMC دومین پیکاپ الکتریکی خود، Sierra EV 2024، به‌علاوه Acadia 2024 بازطراحی‌شده و یوکان 2025 به‌روزرسانی شده را نیز عرضه خواهد کرد. GMC همچنین قصد دارد در خارج از آمریکای شمالی گسترش یابد و از استرالیا، چین و نیوزلند شروع شود.

  • 2025 BMW X3 previewed with sharper handling and more tech

    2025 BMW X3 previewed with sharper handling and more tech

    BMW has a lot riding on the X3; the SUV has been one of its best-selling cars since the first-generation model made its debut in 2003. The new fourth-generation X3 is around the corner, and the Munich-based brand has released photos and details to hint at the changes in store.

    While BMW previewed a bold new design direction with the Vision Neue Klasse X concept unveiled earlier in 2024, the next-generation X3 will seemingly take a different path. Rather than mimicking the concept, the SUV carries on with a more conventional-looking front end that’s characterized by sharp headlights and a pair of wide kidney grilles joined in the middle. Its door handles are now integrated into the body and it features a more tapered roof line for a sportier look. The finer design details remain hidden by rolls of black and white camouflage.

    BMW tells us it went to significant lengths to make the next-generation X3 more engaging to drive. Its engineers made the track wider, and increased both structural rigidity and directional stability. There’s a more direct steering ratio, too, and some variants will be available with an adaptive suspension system that includes electronically-controlled shock absorbers. 

    If you don’t want to drive, the next X3 will have you covered to a certain degree, at least. Details remain few and far between, but BMW notes the fourth-generation X3 “will offer an expanded selection of systems for automated driving and parking compared to the current model.” Inside, the X3 will receive the latest generation of BMW’s iDrive infotainment system and a wide digital instrument cluster.

    There’s no word on what the X3’s specifications sheet will look like. We know it’s going to be offered with internal combustion engines; one of the variants shown in BMW’s images proudly wears four round exhaust tips. It looks like a hybrid drivetrain will be available, however, as another one of the test mules has a charging port integrated into the driver-side fender. British magazine Autocar learned the global range will include four- and six-cylinder engines, including a diesel, and a plug-in hybrid system. We can, however, see either an electric version called iX3 being offered, or even a unique electric variant using the iX3 name while borrowing Neue Klasse X styling. All-wheel-drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission will come standard.

    BMW will fully unveil the 2025 X3 in the coming weeks, and sales should start by the end of 2024.

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  • Consumer Reports Says These Cars Are The Worst Deals Right Now

    Thankfully, the new car market is no longer anything like it was at the height of the pandemic. Dealers actually have inventory again, and there are deals to be had. Unfortunately, that’s not true for every single new car. While you can expect to get a few thousand dollars off on a Mercedes-Benz C-Class or an Alfa Romeo Stelvio, some cars are still selling for more than MSRP.

    If you don’t want to waste your time trying to negotiate a deal, which cars should you avoid then? Our friends over at Consumer Reports recently ran the numbers using actual sales data from TrueCar and came up with a list of cars that are on average the worst deals right now. Some high-priced, low-volume models such as the GMC Hummer EV were left off, and actual prices may vary by region, but if you’re planning to buy one of the vehicles that made the list, you might want to hold off until things cool down.

  • نسخه جدید فورد موستانگ در سال 2025 وارد بازار می شود

    فورد از مراسم شصتمین سالگرد موستانگ خود که روز چهارشنبه در شارلوت موتور اسپیدوی برگزار شد، استفاده کرد تا نسخه جدیدی را برای خودروی نسل هفتم فعلی معرفی کند.

    تنها یک عکس تیزر نمایش داده شد، اما فورد به جز تایید اینکه خودرو در سال 2025 وارد بازار می‌شود، جزئیات بیشتری را در اختیار نداشت.

    این تیزر جزئیات زیادی را نشان نمی دهد، اما نشان می دهد که خودرو مجهز به بال عقب است و نشان می دهد که یک نسخه پرفورمنس خواهد بود.

    سال آینده 60 سال از زمانی که Shelby American GT350 اصلی را به بازار عرضه کرد، می گذرد و یک نمونه مدرن بر اساس نسل هفتم موستانگ راه بسیار خوبی برای جشن گرفتن این سالگرد خواهد بود. فورد پنجاهمین سالگرد خود را با عرضه نسل ششم موستانگ GT350 و GT350R جشن گرفت.

    البته فورد نسخه‌های زیادی دارد که می‌توانند احیا شوند، مانند Boss 302، Bullitt، و Mach 1. یک شلبی GT500 مدرن یا یک خودروی معادل را می‌توان رد کرد زیرا ما خیلی زود وارد زندگی موستانگ فعلی شده‌ایم. چرخه بالاترین محدوده عملکرد مانند Shelby GT500 تمایل دارند تا پایان چرخه عمر خود وارد شوند.

    فورد همچنین می‌تواند یک موستانگ هیبریدی را برنامه‌ریزی کند، و کفن روی خودرو در عکس تیزر دارای یک سایه سبز است. فورد قصد داشت یک آپشن هیبریدی را در نسل قبلی موستانگ معرفی کند، اما با تمرکز بر توسعه خودروی نسل هفتم، پروژه را متوقف کرد. این برنامه های هیبریدی ممکن است اکنون احیا شوند زیرا فورد فقط در این ماه گفت که انتظار دارد تا پایان دهه پیشرانه های هیبریدی را در سراسر خط تولید خود در آمریکای شمالی ارائه دهد.

    فورد روز چهارشنبه به مناسبت شصتمین سالگرد موستانگ، یک بسته 60 ساله برای موستانگ GT معرفی کرد. تنها 1965 نمونه در دسترس خواهد بود، عددی که نشان دهنده اولین سال مدل موستانگ است.

  • تریم های راحتی و اسپرت تویوتا کمری 2025 را از هر زاویه مقایسه کنید

    تویوتا کمری XSE AWD 2025

    عکس: جالوپنیک / الیزابت بلک استاک

    هفته گذشته، تویوتا مرا به بیرون پرواز داد سن دیگو، کالیفرنیا برای تست تعداد انگشت شماری از جدیدترین و جدیدترین آنها محصولات هیجان انگیز. با این حال، یک وسیله نقلیه وجود داشت که بسیاری از همکاران من حاضر بودند آن را حتی قبل از اینکه آن را ببینند آن را بنویسند، و آن تویوتا کمری 2025 جدید است. من این شانس را داشتم که هم تریم های راحتی و هم اسپرت – به ترتیب LE و XSE – را آزمایش کنم و متوجه شدم که این دستگاه نسل نهم در مقایسه با مدل های قبلی خود تقریباً غیرقابل تشخیص است زیرا فقط بسیار سرگرم کننده تر.

    اجازه ندهید که متنفران کمری شما را ناامید کنند. این خودرو حداقل ارزش بازنگری شما را دارد و من به شما کمک می‌کنم که بدانید کدام نسخه بیشتر برای شما جذاب است.

  • Saleen reveals new 302 based on the 2024 Ford Mustang


    Saleen reveals new 302 based on the 2024 Ford Mustang

    A new generation of the Ford Mustang arrived for the 2024 model year, and the folks at Saleen have now turned it into a 302.

    The Southern California engineering and motorsports company has added unique styling inside and out, and delivers the performance to back up the new looks.

    Like the outgoing 302 based on the sixth-generation Mustang, the new one offers a trio of performance stages, all using the Mustang’s 5.0-liter V-8 as the basis.

    The range starts with the White Label which offers 510 hp and is priced from $61,900. Next up is the Yellow Label which adds a supercharger to extract 745 hp. It’s priced from $81,900. At the top of the range is the Black Label which also uses a supercharger and combines this with bigger fuel injectors to boost output to 800 hp. Prices for the Black Label start at $89,700.

    2024 Saleen 302 Mustang Black Label

    2024 Saleen 302 Mustang Black Label

    Other performance upgrades include a tuned suspension featuring Saleen’s Racecraft-branded components, plus improved aerodynamics, a Saleen brake package, and Saleen wheels measuring 20 inches front and back.

    For the exterior, there are custom designs for the the fascias, fenders, hood, rear spoiler, and rear three-quarter windows. It’s a wild design that makes even Ford’s Mustang Dark Horse appear conservative in comparison.

    The cars also feature custom interiors, including Saleen’s own steering wheel, shifter knob, dash trim, and more.

    Buyers have a choice between the Mustang’s 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmissions, as well as between a coupe or convertible body. Order books are open. Saleen hasn’t said when the first customer deliveries will begin.