Dashcam Footage Shows Man Raging Like A Lunatic Before Driving Through Portland Parade


In the video, the driver Sidney Mecham can be heard honking his horn aggressively and screaming, “They got it all blocked off! The Lloyd Center exit! The Convention Center exit! Every motherfucking exit! You bum motherfuckers! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!” Clearly in a bad mood, Mecham is then shown driving through traffic cones, up onto the shoulder to get around barricades, coming close to hitting a truck and then nearly hitting a number of people who were just there to watch the parade.

Portland road rager yelling

Thankfully an officer pulled Mecham over and arrested him before he managed to hit anyone. At the time, he was charged with “nearly 40 criminal charges, including multiple counts of reckless driving and hit-and-run property damage, as well as about two dozen traffic violations.” He is currently still in jail after a judge denied his bail back in August.

Last June, a driver in Portland drove his truck through a parade route, sending attendees running for safety. Now new dashcam footage from inside the truck has been released, showing the driver completely losing his temper over closed exits along the parade route reports OregonLive.

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