Dead: The Nissan Titan


2024 Nissan Titan Lineup
Image: Nissan

TITAN has been an important nameplate for Nissan in North America for 20 years, and we’re grateful to the dealers, customers, and thousands of employees who have played pivotal roles throughout TITAN’s lifecycle.

The Nissan Titan. It was never good enough to take much market share from the Big Three but Nissan kept at it anyway. Now, just over 20 years after the model made its debut, Nissan is pulling the plug.

2024 Nissan Titan

But its weird in-between size and lack of engine and cab configurations could be some reasons it was never a big seller. It also has a high starting price: a 2023 Titan starts at $45,770. Sure that gets you standard V8 power but to people like fleet buyers that’s a turn-off. So if you’re one of the few people who are interested in getting behind the wheel of a brand-new Titan, act fast as it won’t be around much longer.



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