Dead: The Subaru Legacy


Dead: The Subaru Legacy

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When most people think of Subaru, the Legacy won’t be the first car that comes to mind. They’ll picture the WRX, the Forester, or even the Crosstrek first to represent that seven-ish-star badge. Perhaps that’s why, after 36 long years in the American market, the Legacy is set to die in 2025.

Subaru announced Tuesday that the Legacy sedan will die in North America next spring, following its discontinuation abroad back in 2020. It’s the end of an era, but not just the era of the Legacy — the era of what it meant for Subaru. See, that humble little sedan was a lot more important for the brand than people remember.

Colin McRae’s first WRC win | Subaru Legacy | 1993 Rally New Zealand

The Legacy predates the Impreza. It introduced the EJ to the Subaru family. Those fond memories you have of Colin McRae whipping an Impreza through rally stages? He drove the Legacy through them first.

Even in later years, once the WRX took the Subaru performance crown, the Legacy didn’t fade into the background of Subaru’s lineup. I personally owned a fourth-generation Legacy, with the turbo EJ and manual transmission and long roof, and it was an absolute joy to throw around a snowy parking lot while dodging campus police.

The WRX cemented Subaru in the minds of enthusiasts, but the Legacy paved the way for it. It ushered in a new era for the brand, and introduced the engine that would go on to become Subaru’s calling card for tuners and modders of all stripes. Sleep well, Legacy. It was nice knowing you.