Designers Say Only Way To Fix Tesla Cybertruck Is To Start Over


But a better Cybertruck would only be possible through a complete redesign, according to Fast Company, which cites car designer and the Autopian contributor Adrian Clarke. The issues come down to the impossibly flat body panels of the Cybertruck. Given the design of the EV, small imperfections inherent in the production process are all the more clear, as Clarke tells Fast Company:

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The road to a production Cybertruck has been bumpy. Almost as bumpy and uneven as the first Cybertrucks coming out of the Austin Gigafactory, which have reportedly been so bad that they prompted Elon Musk to send an urgent email to Tesla employees. In the message, Musk demanded greater precision in the production process of the EV pickup, with Musk going on to reference the famously tight tolerances of Lego blocks and soda cans to inspire his workers to build better Cybertrucks. It goes without saying that the time to ask for “sub 10 micron accuracy” from your own company, let alone the suppliers building parts for the thing would be several years ago, before the car was “headed for production.” But we’re all learning as we go in this life.