Elon Musk Doesn’t Want To Talk About Tesla Cybertruck Dates


Much like Musk’s decade-long self-driving prophecies, it’s hard to trust anything he says about his giant electric truck. His constant failure to meet his own deadlines leaves me feeling like a disappointed Millerite watching the still-faithful hold their breath for the next date of revelation to be declared.

“The production ramp will move as fast as the slowest and least lucky elements of the entire supply chain and internal production,” Musk said last month.

Tesla has worked out the kinks as far as production of Model 3 goes (though quality control issues continued to emerge), but now Tesla faces building an entirely new kind of product in that same factory working with a difficult-to-manufacture stainless steel body. The intended “exoskeleton” structure of the car has evolved into a more conventional unibody design. The automaker started up its line sometime this Spring, but we haven’t seen any more finished trucks on the streets (though prototypes are wandering America’s roads, according to Electrek).

Tesla is betting a lot on the Cybertruck bringing fresh interest in the brand, which hasn’t released a new vehicle since 2017. However, as yet another self-imposed deadline for the Cybertruck’s start of serious production and customer deliveries draws nearer, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not exactly forthcoming with details.

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