Even Paul McCartney Can’t Escape The Old-Man Allure Of A C5 Corvette


Even Paul McCartney Can’t Escape The Old-Man Allure Of A C5 Corvette

It’s no secret that old dudes love their Corvettes, but it seems that notion has transcended class and fame because even one of the most famous old dudes in the world has a C5 Corvette. That’s right, Sir Paul fucking McCartney drives a C5 Corvette automatic. It’s a shame he’s not a boomer, because that would just fit in too well.

This revelation came to my attention as I was scrolling through TikTok. What do I see but a 22-second video of The Beatles member himself leaving a music studio in Los Angeles, behind the wheel of a blue-on-tan C5 Corvette convertible with an automatic transmission and chrome wheels? It could not be any more of an old man spec if you tried, and it’s honestly iconic.

In the video, we see McCartney behind the wheel of his ‘Vette flashing peace signs and waving to the crowd outside the studio’s gate. From there we see the singer make a right and speed off down the road.

Celebrity sightings in cars are not exactly a rare thing – especially in Los Angeles – but seeing Paul McCartney, a man who Celebrity Net Worth says is worth $1.2 billion, driving what is a $20,000 Corvette is a sight to behold.

I am going to assume he has a lot of other cars, but my head cannon is that this is his daily driver. McCartney may be British, but we all know his heart is in America. More specifically, his heart is in Bowling Green, Kentucky.