Feds Say Airlines Are Getting Worse, Complaints Double In 2023


But it wasn’t just at the start of the year when airline service was awful. According to the report, the number of complaints filed against airlines was up 32 percent in April and 49 percent in May with more than 6,400 complaints being lodged with the U.S. Transportation Department.

The Transportation Department said that disability-related complaints, such as delaying or damaging wheelchairs, are also up from last year. There were 636 such complaints in the first quarter, nearly double the 380 filed during the same period of 2022. The agency says it investigates each of those disability complaints.

There aren’t many people that legitimately enjoy flying, and I’m sure there’s a long list of things that most of us would rather be doing than squeezing into an aluminum tube for a few hours. In recent months, however, it feels like flying has gotten worse, and now there are stats to prove just how awful it has been for many of us.

While all complaints were on the rise, it’s alarming to learn that the number of issues relating to accessibility almost doubled during the period. As the Associated Press explains:

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