Fisker Ocean Crossovers Are Falling Apart In Their Owners’ Hands: Report


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Photo: Fisker

When the Fisker Ocean finally rolled off the production line, the initial reaction was one of surprise. Fisker did it, the company managed to release a product in a highly sought-after segment. Maybe this could be the automaker turning over a new leaf, showing the world it can really build cars with broad appeal.

That hope, though, now seems short-lived. In a new report from TechCrunch, Ocean owners spoke about all kinda of issues with the car — key fob problems, seat sensor issues, even loss of brakes or drive power. It appears that, while the Ocean may have made it off the factory floor, the company may not have been as successful in building the crossover as it hoped. From TechCrunch:

In the months since, Fisker Ocean SUV customers have reported more than 100 separate loss-of-power incidents, the internal documents show. The company told TechCrunch it believes these problems are rare, and that it has resolved “almost all the issues” with software updates.

Problems with the Ocean SUV, however, are not limited to the vehicle suddenly losing power, a review of nearly 200 documents shows. Customers have also reported sudden loss of braking power, problematic key fobs causing them to get locked inside or outside of the vehicle, seat sensors that don’t detect the driver’s presence and the SUV’s front hood suddenly flying up at high speeds.

TechCrunch spoke with a number of owners about their individual issues with their cars, all the problems and struggles they’d faced. The whole piece is truly worth the read, it shows off the truly massive scale of these faults.

It seems that, in Fisker’s decision to build the Ocean, the company forced its buyers to suffer the slings and arrows of mechanic misfortune — to take up arms against an ocean of troubles. Now, all those owners can do it hope that by their opposition, Fisker can end them.