How Cities Can Reduce The Number Of People Killed By Drivers Of Massive Vehicles


Forget Autonomy, Drivers Still Want Control

Unfortunately, we live in the U.S., a country that doesn’t care how many people drivers kill every year, and any time someone gets hit, the blame is inevitably shifted away from the driver because how dare someone be outside of a car in a place where a driver might be able to hit them. Add in our love of big trucks and SUVs, and it’s no wonder that road deaths in this country continue to get worse every year.

But how do we realistically start turning things around? It would be great to be able to magically transform every U.S. town and city into a highly walkable area with great bike infrastructure and no need to drive, but much like the second-generation Tesla Roadster, magic isn’t real. Are we just stuck with more and more people dying in the streets every year? Not necessarily.

We write a lot about pedestrian safety here, and it’s not because we hate cars. It’s because we generally believe that killing people is bad, and it doesn’t somehow become less bad if you kill someone with your car instead of a gun. Also, we want to live in a world where you can cross the street without having to worry that you’re going to die.