It Takes 24 People To Pull Off A Two Second F1 Pit Stop


The whole process is a minuscule moment over the course of an F1 race, which can run for about 90 minutes, but it can be make or break for a team’s result. As such, the people undertaking the pitstop train for hours on end to perfect their positions. The Post explains:

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A photo of mechanics working on a Mclaren F1 car.

It is the trickiest part of a pit stop for a driver, the four Haas and Red Bull drivers said through team spokespeople.

Another pair of engineers could then swoop in to adjust the levels on the front wing and change the downforce it produces. After that, the car is dropped back to terra firma, given the green light and speeds out the pit lane.

Two engineers then lift the car up, before it’s steadied in place by another two team members. The wheel gunners then loosen the bolts, before one worker pulls the old tire off and another slides the new one into place and the bolt is tightened once again. On each wheel, the bolt stays in place, so there’s no fumbling around for the right fitment, which would cost valuable milliseconds.

There’s a car in there… somewhere.

Three people work on each corner of the car.
Photo: BEN STANSALL/AFP (Getty Images)

The record for the new regulation pit stops in F1 stands at 1.8 seconds, which was set by McLaren during the Qatar Grand Prix when it swapped Lando Norris’ four aging tires for four new ones in the blink of an eye. The stop required a team of around 20 people, each tasked with a very specific role that’s been broken down in a new report from the Washington Post.

People watch Formula 1 for all sorts of reasons; maybe it’s the on-track action, the off-track drama or the mind-bending technology on display in each race car. For some, it could even be the synchronized beauty that is the sub-three second pit stops that every team carries out each race. If that’s the kind of thing that floats your boat, then good news! We’re about to take a deep dive into everything that has to fall into place for the perfect F1 pitstop.