Kia Smashes Into Tree During Police Chase


The Minnesota State Police threw stop strips in front of the two fleeing cars. The Camry would swerve around the strip, but the Kia would drive right over it. The SUV veered off the road, across an on-ramp, through a fence and into a tree. The Kia’s driver-side door took the brunt of the impact. The four teenagers inside the SUV were taken to the hospital for evaluation and then arrested.

Kia vehicles have been stolen by the thousands over the past few years. A security defect with the automaker’s traditional metal key ignition system has allowed an epidemic of car thefts across the United States. A recent police chase in Minnesota involved an allegedly stolen Kia and ended when the Korean SUV slammed into a tree, sending the vehicle’s juvenile occupants to the hospital with injuries.

Photo: The Star Tribune / MNDOT