Lamborghini’s Waitlist Is So Long It Doesn’t Care About A Softening Market


It’s always a good time to be rich, folks.

Lamborghini’s CEO thinks the market for exotic and ultra-lux cars is softening, but the Italian automaker’s sold-out models and years-long wait lists means it really doesn’t have to worry about the issue.

For example, Baldi pointed to the Aventador SVJ roadster. Last year, valuations on the model reached around $1.1 million to $1.2 million, he said. Today, the value is closer to $900,000. That’s still 50 percent higher than the original sticker price, Baldi noted.

Higher interest rates, a weakening housing market, lower 2022 bonuses for Wall Street execs (boo hoo) and consolidation throughout the tech industry have apparently created a bit of an unfavorable market for luxury vehicles, according to Automotive News. Despite all that sadness for the wealthy, Lamborghini is still reportedly headed for another record year in terms of sales – and the U.S. is leading the way as its largest market.