Let This Ferrari-Powered Rally Car Kick Off Your Week By Screaming At You For 7 Minutes


Let This Ferrari-Powered Rally Car Kick Off Your Week By Screaming At You For 7 Minutes

Gif: Sam Albert Rally on YouTube

Sam Albert’s Ferrari 3.9-liter V8-swapped Subaru WRX made its rally debut in 2023, and it’s been tearing up the stages in a rip roaring way for nearly a year now. It’s had a class win or two along the way, but more importantly it has stolen our hearts as one of the coolest damn things happening in rally right now. Rally fans hike out to the middle of damn nowhere to see cars zoom by for no more than a handful of seconds. Albert’s screaming all-wheel-drive Subarrari makes those seconds fucking memorable.

This video, captured at last year’s Oregon Trail Rally, allows you to fly behind the screaming Japanese-Italian amalgamation listening to every full-throttle pull and gearshift in glorious close-up sound. The radio conversation between driver Sam Albert and co-driver Krista Skucas is amazing, if you can figure out how to translate it, but the views are even better.

This stage, known as Great Horseshoe, has a little bit of everything. There’s tight and twisty mountain sections, huge drop offs, valley walls, and wide open prairie allowing Albert’s right foot to loose every one of those Italian ponies. 126 miles per hour on gravel is no mean feat, and I could watch that final thirty seconds on repeat for the rest of my life.

Ferrari Swapped Subaru at the 2023 Oregon Trail Rally – SS8 Great Horseshoe Full Stage 4k

If you’re looking for a great way to get yourself jazzed up for the work week, this video is everything you need. Just click play and wait for the blood to start flowing and the adrenalin to punch up your Monday morning a little bit. What else are you going to do this morning? Actually work? I doubt it. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.