Lone Sailor Stalked By Orca Pod In Ocean


The footage, which was first brought to our attention by the folks at LadBible, shows a pod of five orcas tailing a 30-foot yacht that’s sailing about a quarter of a mile off the coast of Cape Vincent in Portugal. After tailing the ship for a few minutes, one of the orca moves in and attacked the rudder.

The sailor claimed the ‘attack wasn’t violent’, before adding: “The boat moved, it rotated but didn’t capsize.

Philouceros eventually made it to safety on dry land, but his run-in with the pod of orca is just the latest in a long string of killer whale attacks on ships off the coast of Portugal. It’s reached the point where there’s now even app that tracks killer whale activity in the area, which the French sailor says he was checking regularly.

“The rudder was destroyed in one minute and pulled out,” he said. “They also rammed blows on the twin keels of the boat.”

We’ve all seen the ways we’ve ruined the world around us. Record forest fires are raging around the world, roads are melting under the heat and oceans are reaching unprecedented temperatures. It should come as no surprise, then, that nature is starting to fight back. At the forefront of this fight is the orca, which has been attacking ships around the world in recent months.

Despite calling for help following the attack, Philouceros’ problems didn’t end there. According to the site, the pod of orcas continued to hound the stricken vessel for 30 minutes while it was towed back to shore by the coast guard.

“If the orcas really wanted to sink the boat, they could have done it easily. I don’t think it was their intention.”

“The sailor recalled how he had attempted to stop his engine or reverse in an attempt (to) stop the attack but neither came to any avail.