Massachusetts Woman Drives Car Into Trash Compactor


Presumably, she had to have been driving pretty fast in order to do that, but that just raises the question of why she was driving so fast in the first place. You go to the public works facility to drop off trash, not to set lap times. Plus, there are likely going to be a number of other people around who you risk hitting if you’re driving like a maniac.

Photo: Southborough Police Department

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Photo: Southborough Police Department

The good news is that no one, including the driver, was injured, and she was quickly rescued from the pit. “That’s the most important part,” Southborough resident Jeff Chan told WHDH, adding, “There’s no municipal town pickup of trash, so a lot of people do come here to drop off their trash.”

As embarrassing as that probably was for the driver, at least she can take a little comfort in knowing that hers wasn’t the most embarrassing crash of the week. No, that honor goes to the two tourists in Wales who managed to wedge their Nissan Juke between two walls on a walking path. They ended up abandoning their car and taking a train back to their hotel while locals worked for hours to get the car free without damaging the stone walls.

Say what you will about the Subaru Forester, but it doesn’t belong in the trash. If you want to get rid of one, you need to take it to a junkyard, not drive it into your town’s massive trash compactor. And yet, that’s exactly what one Massachusetts woman did this week.