New Chevy Suburban’s Check Engine Light Came On And Started An Ordeal For Owner That Lasted Months


After his Christmas Eve fright, Morris expected a quick fix at the dealership. But when he picked up his SUV, a MacMulkin service manager handed him a copy of a bulletin issued by GM to all dealerships saying there was currently no fix for the known problem with the check engine light.

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“At this time we do not have an answer for you,” a MacMulkin manager replied in an email. “I would suggest going to your inspection station and at least getting a rejection sticker if it does not pass the emissions part.”

Morris finally got in contact with GM’s customer service line. A few weeks of email exchanges with agents got him a response: “Your concern is extremely important to us at Chevrolet, and to me specifically.” When The Boston Globe got involved, a GM “executive customer care” person soon got in touch, and Morris’ oil pump is now scheduled to be replaced, an end to the ordeal seemingly in sight. GM gave the following statement to The Globe:

No one ever figures that both a dealership and the company that made a vehicle would be without answers over a vehicle’s check engine light. An automaker and trained dealer technicians without answers is scary, even, though that’s what one Chevy Suburban owner went through, according to The Boston Globe.