New York To Start Flying Migrants One-Way Tickets Out Of State


The Mayor of New York is offering migrants living in the city a one-way ticket out of there in an attempt to reduce the number of asylum seekers living in the city. The scheme was launched this week, offering migrants free travel to anywhere in the world as long as they don’t want to come back.

The scheme is the brainchild of New York mayor, Eric Adams.
Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Good+Foundation (Getty Images)

The new, more aggressive “reticketing” plan comes as the city deals with the 130,000 migrants arriving since last year and as it tightens how long they can stay in shelters, forcing the newest arrivals out after 30 days.

Now, as shelters across New York reportedly fill up, the mayor’s office has started directing migrants to an office dedicated to flying them out of the area. Adams told reporters that the scheme was launched because “when you are out of room, that means you’re out of room.” Politico reports:

In September 2022, migrants were loaded onto jets in Texas and flown to places like Martha’s Vineyard, without any idea where they were heading. The scheme sparked widespread condemnation as some that were flown out of Texas were done so just days before their asylum hearings, with no way of getting back to Texas to make the appointments.

A photo of New York Mayor Eric Adams giving a speech.