Red Bull Advisor Helmut Marko Thinks Mexico Is In South America


Photo: Gongora/NurPhoto (Getty Images)

Red Bull Racing consultant Helmut Marko has had to apologize for racist remarks aimed at F1 driver Sergio Pérez. During an interview after last week’s Italian Grand Prix, Helmut Marko said Checo’s performance was due to his “cultural heritage,” per the BBC, and the 80-year old Red Bull advisor went on to unfavorably compare Checo’s Mexican nationality to that of a German or a Dutchman.

This is reportedly not the first time that Helmut Marko has incorrectly said that Checo is from South America. But the thing is Sergio Pérez was born in Guadalajara, which is the capital of Jalisco, one of Mexico’s more readily recognized states.

Perez and Verstappen shared two wins each in the first four races of the season, after which Perez was talking about challenging for the world title.

But, no. Helmut Marko is under the impression that Mexicans are from South America, despite Mexico being part of the North American continent, and, therefore, by definition, making Sergio Pérez a North American — the same as any F1 driver from the U.S. or Canada. No one’s bothered to correct Marko until now, it seems, prompting the 80-year old to issue the following statement:

Guadalajara is a major metropolis. Hell, it’s the subject of a well-known song named after the capital city, which has been performed by famous Mexicans such as Vicente Fernandez, AKA ’Chente. You would think an advisor to Red Bull’s Formula 1 team would know where his team’s drivers are from.

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