Rising Auto Insurance Costs Screwing Drivers Across The Country


Combine that with how tough the last few years of doing business has been, and insurance companies are passing those costs onto their customers. Data from Bureau of Labor Statistics shows car insurance was 16 percent more expensive in July than it was at the same time in 2022; that number is also 70 percent more expensive over the last decade. Natural disasters haven’t helped matters.

“It’s more expensive to diagnose newer vehicles,” said David Woodall, a mechanic at Metro Motor in D.C. “The parts aren’t a whole lot more expensive, but the frequency of repair on them is more than it used to be. If an air bag goes off, that’s thousands of dollars — a new car might have eight air bags in it.”

Gen Z and Millenials Are Having Trouble Making Car Payments On Time

The auto insurance industry in the U.S. is in trouble. Insurance companies are complaining about the rising costs of doing business. Because of this, as The Washington Post reports, drivers across the country are facing increasing premiums.