Senator Challenges Teamster To Fight Due To ‘Oklahoma Values’


Oklahoma, time to come get your boy, Senator Markwayne Mullin. After challenging the president of America’s largest union to a fight during a senate hearing Tuesday, Mullin went on Fox News to say he had no choice but to act like an 8th grader on recess, because, Oklahoma.

Yes, Oklahoma, where male fragility apparently comes whipping through the plains, you asked for this behavior from your senator, apparently.

The Daily Beast lifted Mullin’s comments out of Sean Hannity’s show, so we don’t have to wade through that mess for the goods (bless them):

Speaking about the incident with Mullin on Fox News on Tuesday night, Sean Hannity praised Mullin’s actions, saying any other response would have been “gutless.” Mullin agreed, then said: “What did people want me to do? If I didn’t do that, people in Oklahoma would be pretty upset at me.” He added: “I’m supposed to represent Oklahoma values.”

Considering the Oklahoma state mottos is Labor omnia vincit or, for the Latin-challenged among you, labor conquers all, I’d be concerned about relying on your Oklahoma bona fides to carry you through in a fight against Teamsters President Sean O’Brien.

The two men nearly had themselves a donnybrook in the middle of a hearing about trying to make Americans’ lives better over some shitty tweets O’Brien posted mocking Mullin. Basic trolling that both a senator and the leader of one of the largest unions in America should really be above, but here we are.

Incredibly, this wasn’t the only near physical altercation in congress this week. Rep. Tim Burchett accused former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy of “elbowing” him in the kidneys, ABC News reports — a charge McCarthy denies.

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