Sinister Diesel Fined $1M Selling Illegal Coal Rolling Devices


The good news is, if you’re disappointed to hear that the coal-rolling tuner was only fined $1 million, there’s a chance Sinister will be ordered to pay even more in November when it’s formally sentenced. And hopefully, it will also discourage other tuners from offering similar products. After all, this case is proof that if you piss off both the EPA and the FBI at the same time, things generally go poorly for you and your company.

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“For close to ten years, Sinister Diesel sold parts designed to override or disable the emissions control systems on trucks,” Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator Larry Starfield for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, said in a statement. “EPA testing has shown that a vehicle altered with these parts can emit more than 100 times the amount of certain harmful air pollutants, compared to a vehicle with an intact emissions control system. This case shows that we will aggressively prosecute those who manufacture and sell devices designed to defeat vehicle emissions controls.”

The Department of Justice announced this week that Sinister Mfg. Company, Inc., doing business as Sinister Diesel, pleaded guilty to criminal charges related to the emissions control defeat devices it sold that allowed entitled assholes to make their diesel trucks roll coal. The company was also fined a total of $1 million and agreed to not manufacture, sell or install any device that defeats a vehicle’s emissions controls.