Thank The Lord, Classic Steel Wheels Are Back From Enkei


I know a flatter profile would probably look better and make for a more modern interpretation of steel wheels. But that would be a betrayal of the spirit of the steel wheel, which looks so cool because it isn’t actually trying. The steel wheel is the ultimate expression of indifference to style, which then ends up looping back around and looking awesome. Long live the basic steel wheel.

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But there’s something undeniably appealing about these “stock” wheel designs, especially in the bright finish of the new Al’Vita, which were also inspired, in part, by Enkei’s “Al’Life” wheels from the ’90s. Steel wheels are diametrically opposed to the wheel designs of most modern cars, which pursue complexity in the name of performance or, simply put, the appearance thereof.

Photo: Enkei

Photo: Enkei

Enkei is releasing a set of aluminum cast wheels in Japan this October called the Al’Vita. These new wheels are part of Enkei’s “NeoClassic” lineup, which draws inspiration from the past with designs that recreate classic wheels, such as the steel wheels that are usually standard equipment on base models and work vehicles.