Video shows Tesla Cybertruck after apparent rollover crash


The Tesla Cybertruck is (allegedly) finally reaching production, so it’s not surprising that we’re starting to see them popping up in the wild. A couple of weeks ago, there was the shot of a transport truck loaded down with Cybertrucks, and now, there’s a video of one in the aftermath of an apparent rollover crash test.

Though the truck’s angular exterior might raise safety questions that keep it off the European market, the vehicle appears to have offered reasonable protection for its passengers in the crash. The side-curtain airbags deployed, but the passenger compartment appears relatively unscathed. Interestingly, this is one of our best looks at the truck’s interior yet, and we can see the angular cupholders, what appears to be a rear display screen and an expanse of legroom.

CTL Logistics, a Chicago company, originally posted the video to TikTok before taking it down. The quick eyes at Carscoops and on the Cybertruck Owner’s Club forum saved it before that happened, as we assume someone from Tesla was on the phone with CTL not long after the video hit the internet. The truck’s roof is smashed, and its multiple flat panels are distorted, while shots from the interior show that the airbags deployed. We get a brief look at the Cybertruck’s bed, which is full of broken body panels in the film.

That said, it’s worth noting that the original video didn’t offer any detail on the truck, its crash, or the circumstances around its transportation. We also don’t know anything about the truck’s configuration and where it falls on the preproduction or production spectrum of development.

The truck’s massive windshield wiper survived the crash, and its overall shape remained intact, but the windshield is smashed, and there’s damage to nearly every body panel. If there was any doubt about the Cybertruck’s panel gaps and alignment before, there is no way this truck is passing muster.