What’s The Most Controversial Car You Can Buy Right Now?


What’s The Most Controversial Car You Can Buy Right Now?

A render of a Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck.

Is this the most controversial car you can buy in 2024?
Image: Tesla

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion on the cars on sale today. Some people will always come down hard in favor of vehicles like the Ford F-150 Raptor, claiming it to be God’s gift to gasoline, while others would rather drive a Model T fitted with a seat made of nails than a massive truck like that.

Cars like the Raptor can split opinions for all kinds of reasons these days, whether it’s out-dated technology, ropey build quality or something as simple as awful styling. Because of this, we wanted to know what cars out there today could claim the title of most controversial car on sale right now? So, what have you got?

Maybe you think it’s the perceived death trap on wheels that is the Citroen Ami, or as I like to call it the “least American car ever made.” This pocket sized runaround comes with a pokey range, weird styling and its doors are even optional. Surely that’s good for a spot of controversial car takes, right?

Alternatively, you might think this accolade has only one winner, the Mustang Mach-E. Many love arguing that Ford’s electric SUV has no right to wear the Mustang badge, and it’s a car that kicked off some of the Blue Oval’s biggest losses, with its EV arm losing millions every year.

Then, there’s the Tesla Cybertruck. That electric monstrosity surely ticks all the controversy boxes with its awful angular styling, atrocious build quality that can be undone with a trip to the car wash and a boss who’s convinced he’s worth $50 billion despite tanking the company’s share price.

But those are just a few suggestions for cars that could be the most controversial models on sale today, what would you opt for? Head to the comments section below to let us know what car you think could be the most controversial and we’ll round up some of the worst offenders in a slideshow later this week.