Wisconsin Driver Finds 7-Foot Python Sleeping On Their Engine


If you live in Wisconsin, I imagine the biggest threats to your car are things like the potholes on the roads, rust from all the cheese brine that’s sprayed across the highways in winter and maybe your fellow road users. One thing I wasn’t expecting to hear about terrorizing drivers in the state is massive snakes.

WI: Exotic snake hiding in car engine on cam

Bankson said the car owner safely drove over to the wildlife sanctuary with the reptile. Pecan Street is more than four miles away.

Once the car and its slippery passenger were at the wildlife sanctuary, WLWT 5 reports that Bankson and a colleague worked to safely remove the python from the engine bay. It is now being cared for at a rescue center.

According to the news site, the snake didn’t actually belong to the person that discovered it sleeping in the engine bay. This means that it’s now sitting in a rescue center waiting for its forever home.

“They gave the OK that yeah, the snake should be fine if you drive the car over,” Bankson said.