You’re A NASA Probe Skimming The Surface Of The Sun


Parker uses the gravity of Venus to sling itself closer to the sun with each revolution. By the end of its useful life, it will travel about a million miles closer to the sun than this particular flyby. This is a significant scientific advantage, because the sun is getting closer to its solar maximum, a cycle that renews every 11 earth years. That’s the point at which the sun’s activity increases, allowing researchers to investigate these rare phenomena.

Ride Along On The Trans Mass Trail

The Parker Space Probe is described by NASA as being “about the size of a small car,” and its only goal is to fly as close to the sun as possible to try to unravel some solar mysteries. What exactly is going on in the ‘solar corona,’ and what do solar flares really do? The space car, launched back in 2018, is currently sitting about 5.8 million miles from the sun and just over a year ago it flew right through a massively powerful sun explosion. Here is what that looked like.